Professional Tampa Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to Master Steam Cleaning. We are delighted to introduce our services to you. As a professional carpet cleaning & Carpet Repair company in Tampa Bay area, FL, our goal is to provide a high quality service that will guarantee a cleaner, fresher and healthier home and business. Master Steam Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. We Do Not pull Any Bait And Switch tactics. I give you 100%, I am educated in how to remove Odors, Red wine/ Kool-aid Stains, Cigarette Burns, Iron Burns, & Pulled Rows .

We use only safe, organic, non toxic Residue Free and non-irritant products. These products are Pet Friendly and Baby Safe. Our Green products and detergents are able to deep-clean all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery, based on the manufacturer’s approval only

Having your carpet professionally cleaned means giving it the deepest cleaning possible, leaving it looking fresh and new. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers in Tampa Bay area, around Tampa, Florida. Delivering quality carpet cleaning is our expertise and we take it very seriously.

Customer service is our number one priority.

Services Provided:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair Carpet Stretching
  • Carpet Patches
  • Laminate/ Wood Floor Scrub and Hi Gloss Polish
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Cleaning Process

Our excellent service starts by greeting our clients. We then provide a thorough pre-inspection of the area to be cleaned. A thorough spot/stain removal procedure begins as well as pre-vacuuming. A Green Pre-spray is then applied and allowed to soak for an amount of time, depending on carpet soilage. HWE with a Rotovac power wand is our next step. Now that the carpets are clean, we re-inspect, post-groom the carpet, and then apply Carpet Protector if requested by the customer. If carpet protection was added then an additional post grooming is applied, insuring proper drying of carpet protector.

Moving Furniture

Light Furniture is moved at customer requests at No charge. There will be a small charge for large furniture such as Couches, Large Chairs,Love Seats. End tables and small furniture under 35lbs are typical items that are moved in our cleaning process. Unfortunately, some furniture cannot be moved, such as pianos, pool tables, full china cabinets, full dressers, book cases, beds, and areas with a lot of breakables on them. We always work with the customer to provide the best service.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet odors can hinder that feeling of “home sweet home”. With the use of our top-of-the-line odor removal products and careful treatment, that feeling can return. The process of eliminating odors can be fairly easy (a simple carpet cleaning) to complex (pulling up carpet and treating), depending on the nature of the odor. Having us inspect the cause is the first step to eliminating this problem for good. There is no easy way out of this problem except doing it right the first time. That is what we will provide to all our customers.

Area Rug Cleaning Pick & Delivery for Tampa Bay Area Residents

Have an area rug you need cleaned? We offer a pick-up and clean service. A thorough pre-inspection and estimate of the carpet will be provided beforehand. We will then bring your carpet to our shop and clean it according to type and fiber. Your carpet will promptly be returned clean and fresh. Occasionally, during a regular cleaning schedule we can clean an area rug on site. Please feel free to ask if you are in need of an area rug clean.

Carpet Repairs

Tampa Bay Carpet Cleaning is offering carpet repairs and re-stretching Tampa Bay Homes/Buisiness.Before you consider replacing your New Tampa Homes carpet you may want to consult with us. We can save you a money with our repair and restretching services. There have been many instances where a homeowner thought that their carpet was doomed for carpet heaven. In reality, it only needed the trained touch of our services to restore it to near new condition.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

We also offer tile and grout cleaning services. For tiled floors we use the same machine that we clean your carpets with, the Rotovac 360 and or Rotovac power wand. With a different cleaning head switch we can get your tile floor surfaces free of grime and grit. The original color of your grout will reappear, and your tile will be squeaky clean. We can then provide you with a grout sealer which will allow for easy future maintenance.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We provide Dustless Hard Wood Floor cleaning services. Products we use to clean hardwood floors are non-toxic and healthy to your environment And will leave a Hi Gloss Finish like a mirror , We apply 2 coats of hi gloss finish @ .75 and 3rd coat at your request will be .25 More per sq ft.Hi Gloss finish is not slippery but maintains its hi gloss for 10-12 months. We leave a natural cleaner behind to rejuvenate the floor through its routine maintenance cleaning, Bottle will last 6 months to 10 months for 800 sq ft applied generously.

Other Surfaces

We offer stone and hard surface cleaning honing of countertops, tub surrounds, window sills, or anywhere hard surfaces may be applied.